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Could a woman win a major PDC Darts event?

Ladies dart players have always been given a raw deal when it comes to darts. The prize money on a women event is just a fraction of their male counterparts. Yet, the scoring averages suggest the top female players can mix it with any player in the world.

At the 2020 PDC World Championship, Fallon Sherrock made darting history by becoming the first female player to win and beat a male on the PDC World Stage. Her win sent headlines across the sporting world, prompting former tennis ace Billie Jean King to remark on the match as a game-changer.

Ms King, a strong supporter of women’s equal rights on the sporting field, was the first to demonstrate that women can beat men in top sporting events.  As Ms King proved in a tennis match labelled the ‘Battle of the Sexes’ against Bobby Riggs in 1973.  Riggs was a former Tennis No.1 three times and had won six major titles at the time lost three straight sets to the ladies’ champion.

Darts, however, doesn’t require brute strength to play, and there is no reason why women can’t be as good as men. In many cases, the top ladies’ players are better than most of the top hundred men in the sport, as their averages prove it.

Fallon SherrockFallon’s first-round World Championship victory over Ted Evetts was no fluke as she then beat the world no.11 seed Mensur Suljovic in the second. Fallon always receives the fans support, and many will fancy her chances of doing well in further PDC events during 2020. The odds for her winning are usually against her, but she has proved on more than one occasion that she can take on the best and win. Dart fans that like a bet on such events may like to take a look at California Online Gambling as Fallon will feature in the UK Open and the PDC World Series which includes the US Masters later this year.

Although Fallon has recently taken the headlines, she has yet to win the Ladies World title although she has won several major BDO titles, the World Trophy, the EDO Matchplay, EDO National Championship to name a few.

Lisa Ashton

Lisa AshtonLisa Ashton won a two-year PDC Tour Card in January 2020. She now competes in all the PDC ranking events. The former four-time women’s world champion is determined to make her mark on the PDC stage during 2020. She may well prove why more ladies are picking up the darts than ever before as the lucrative PDC darts circuit is a pull for any dart player. However, to compete, you need a tour card.

Lisa is a fast-no-nonsense player and more than capable of topping a 100 average. With fans support, Lisa could go deep into some of the majors in 2020, and she will have a lot of backing to do well.

Fallon’s first major will be at the UK Open, also referred to as the FA cup of darts. Each round is a drawn blind, so some of the highly ranked players can fall at the early stages. It is also an event that pits the amateur Riley’s qualifier against the top professionals of the sport.

Lisa, along with Fallon, are set to play on the main stage on the opening day of the event which can be seen on Tv if you don’t have a ticket to the event.

Trina Gulliver MBE

When ladies darts first featured in the BDO World Championships, the pressure was on for the ladies to play well. Many viewers thought that women couldn’t play as well as men, but one woman showed the world that certainly wasn’t the case. Trina Gulliver won the first Women’s World Championship at the Lakeside Country Club in 2001. She then went on to win the event for the following six years before losing in the final to Anastasia Dobromyslovia in 2008 and again to Francis Hoenselaar in 2009. Trina regained the title in 2010.

Trina has won a total of ten World Titles to date and has been a dominant force within the sport ever since. With over 100 titles to her name, she is the most successful ladies dart player ever to pick up a dart and fans are looking forward to her return to the circuit later this year.

Ladies darts, in general, is getting more substantial and more significant in-depth.  It is just a matter of time before a female player wins one of the major PDC titles, but could this be 2020? We will have to wait and see.




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