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Watch Trina and Eric on Pointless Celebrities 31st March 2018

Pointless Celebraties - Trina Gulliver MBE and Eric Bristow MBE

Trina Gulliver MBE and Eric Bristow MBE recorded a Celebrity Special of the TV Games Show Pointless in aid of Charity. See if the pair make it to the final and win the Jackpot prize or did they score more than they hopped too!

Scoring nothing isn’t in either Trina’s or Eric’s DNA, so let’s hope they both understood the rules!

Pointless will be broadcast on Saturday 31st March at a time TBC. Trina and Eric are joined by other Sporting World Champions.

Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible by plumbing the depths of their general knowledge to come up with the answers no-one else can think of.

Pointless Game Show Format

The object of the game is for contestants to provide answers that are not only correct but also as obscure as possible, with each game consisting of teams of two contestants Prior to each show, 100 people are given 100 seconds to provide as many answers as they can to a series of general knowledge questions as part of a pre-conducted survey, and in each round, contestants are asked these same questions. Giving a correct answer scores one point for every participant that gave it, though if none of the survey participants gives a correct answer that a contestant provides, the team scores zero points for providing a "Pointless" answer, while giving an incorrect answer scores 100 points.

The format of the show consists of two elimination rounds to begin with, in which teams must achieve as low a score as possible, with those who achieve the highest score in each round being eliminated from the game; if two teams are tied for the highest score in either of these rounds, a sudden-death "lockdown" round is played, with the higher-scoring team losing. Following these rounds, the two surviving teams compete against each other to find the lowest scoring answer in a series of questions, with the winning team moving on to the final round. Prior to the final round, every Pointless answer given adds £250 to the cash jackpot.

Pointless Celebrities

As the celebrity edition is for charity, celebrity teams compete for a jackpot of £2,500, and can increase the amount by £250 for every Pointless answer they find before the final round. While the jackpot will not roll over to the next celebrity game if it is not won, the programme rewards all teams with £500 for taking part, regardless of how well they performed.

Elimination rounds

During the elimination round the teams can not confer with each other as they rely on each other individual knowledge to score the lowest point they can.

Head to head

The two teams that survive elimination in the initial rounds, now compete against each other, answering questions with the intention of finding the lowest answers possible. Both teams can now confer, and the winning team of this round moves on to the Final. The format of this round has differed, and it is a best of three question / answers. The team that score the lowest on each question win the round the first to two wins and go through to the jackpot final.


The winning team receive a pointless trophy each and a chance to play for the Jackpot prize money Final

The winning team that survives both the elimination rounds and the head-to-head receives a Pointless trophy that they are allowed to keep, regardless of what happens in the final round, and now attempt to win the game's jackpot.

In order to win it, the team first chose a category from a list given to them, whereupon they are given a question connected to it, and have 60 seconds to confer amongst themselves on which three answers they will use; contestants may freely end the debating period early, if they have decided on which three to give. If any individual response is a Pointless answer, the team wins the jackpot.


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