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Latest News 2022

May 23


S & M Fencing and Landscaping

S & M Fencing and Landscaping have become one of Trina’s latest shirt sponsors.

Based in Warwickshire. The Family run business has over 27 years of experience in fencing, landscaping, decking, pergolas, and sheds. They also conduct seasonal hedge cutting and more.

Visit their Facebook link below or contact them via email or phone.

Tel: 07703 397568

Trina Gulliver

Apr 30


Trina wins her first PDC Women’s Series Tour. April 30, 2022

Trina has won her first Women’s Series Tour event, showing her return to top-flight darts. The former ten-time Women’s BDO World Champion may be going under the radar in women’s events for being away from the sport for a considerable time, but the Golden Girl is back and playing some good darts.


Feb 03


Trina has accepted an invite into the World Seniors Darts Championship next February, where Trina will take on some of the best known World Champions like Phil Taylor, Les Wallace, John Lowe and Martin Adams.


Latest News 2021

May 06


BBC Radio Somerset Interview With Trina Gulliver

BBC Radio Somerset Breakfast Show May 6, 2021

Listen to Trina’s BBC Radio Somerset Podcast. Trine speaks to Clair Carter BBC Radio Somerset on her morning breakfast show. The 16-minute podcast can be found on the BBC Sounds website / App.

Use the link below to connect.

Please note you will need to sign in to BBC Sounds to listen to the broadcast. If you do not have a BBC Sound account, it is easy to set up using your emails and a password of your choice.

Some international restriction apply. For further details, use the BBC link below:

How do I use BBC Sounds if I live outside the UK? | BBC Sounds

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May 05

Trina Gulliver - Interview 2021

Trina Gulliver Openes up on how alcohol almost took her life. # Wimnau, #OnlineDartsTV

Trina gives an honest account of her life on the oche and her battle with alcohol, and how it nearly took her life.

For most players, darts and drinking go hand in hand, and Trina was no exception. But like most, drinking wasn’t a problem but became one later in her life. Trina recounts when things changed in her life and what she had to endure to put the alcohol addiction behind her.

The former ten-time world darts champion, has admitted she was a secret alcoholic who downed up to four bottles of wine per night.

Over a period of two decades of heavy drinking, - weakened her so much she struggled to throw a dart, let alone a treble 20.

Trina, now 51, said she was in the grip of drink around the time she received her MBE for services to sport from Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in 2014. But she managed to get clean after falling ill.

Trina said:  "Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to make you stand up and realise." Her recovery began after collapsing while working as a Sky Sports TV pundit in December 2019 when her weight plunged to just seven stone, and she spent a month in hospital.

Trina has now been sober for 18 months and has vowed to use her experience to help others with alcoholism.

rina revealed drink took control as she struggled with depression, the end of her marriage and coming out as gay.

Trina goes on to say, "My problems began when I separated from my husband."

"I then had to deal with my sexuality as I was petrified that I was going to lose my sponsors, friends and whether my family would understand.”

"I didn't come out to my family for quite a while, and I was worried that I was disappointing people, and the pressure began to build.”

"I never went on the stage to perform drunk, but as tournaments went on, I was getting so tired because I was drinking every day and physically couldn't cope."

Trina admitted she had been on a "gradual slippery slope" for over 20 years.

"Looking back now, I thought I could find the answers to my problems at the bottom of a bottle, but when those answers didn't appear, I just opened another bottle to look for them there!"

Trina, who first threw her first dart at the aged two, at her parents' pub in Southam, Warwickshire, and went on to domina the women's game, winning her first world title in 2001. She made the BDO World Finals on all occasions it was staged from 2001 -2020

However,  by 2019 she weighed seven stones and revealed: "My organs were beginning to shut down".
"I spent a month in hospital, over Christmas and New Year, and I've not had a drink since then.

"The warning signs had been there for the years running up to my collapse. I had to pull out of the world championship because I physically wasn't strong enough. I was throwing at the board, and I couldn't even reach the treble 20, I had no power whatsoever."

Her family and friends had been trying to tell her for years that drink was taking hold of her life, but she wouldn’t accept their observation.

Trina said: "When I was told that the drinking was the problem, I would react and shout that it wasn't the drink.

"I just couldn't come to terms with the fact that drink was the problem. With the help of being dry, I can now recognise what they were all seeing – that I was an alcoholic."

"My sisters and brother have been amazing, and they say now it's like having the old Trina back.".

"I let them down along the way, but you have to get your head around that it is a disease and an illness, and you just have to come to terms with it."

Trina hopes that opening up about her problems will help fellow addicts and said: "I'd like others to think about what they're doing, are they in control?

"It really took hold of me, and I would urge anyone who feels themselves sinking to speak to someone, to get help, before it gets hold of them."

"I’m so much happier now that I’ve finally admitted I had a problem, that’s the first step. Help is out there, and it could save your life.”

Full interviews can be read in the Sunday Mirror on May 2, 2021, or you can view her video recording (above) with OnLineTV , Winmau.


Sunday Mirror  

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Apr 20

Trina confirms World Senior Darts Tour

Trina has confirmed her place at the World Senior Darts Tours. The Golden Girl holds Ten World titles, second only to Phil Taylor famous sixteen titles.

The World Senior Darts Championships features players over the age of fifty and has more former World Champions than any other event.

Trina has said she is really looking forward to taking part and play some of the other legends of the sport. Phil Taylor, Tony David, John Part, Leas Wallace, Richie Burnett, Wayne Warren, John Walton, Andy Fordham, Martin Adams, Ted Hankey, Dennis Priestley, John Lowe, Keith Deller, Bob Anderson, and many more…



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Latest News 2020

July 14

Weekly Dartscast – Darts Legends #16: Trina Gulliver

Trina Gulliver - Weekly Dartscast Interview

Listen ‘Weekly Dartscast’ interview with Trina Gulliver MBE recorded July 2020. Trina recounts her early years in the sport and how she got into the game at a very early age.

Trina has won most of the main darts titles more than once and talks about lady’s darts and the difficulties ladies faced in the early years of the sport. Trina also reveals some behind the scenes information and covers her success within the sport.


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Mar 31

New Fans, Friends and Darts Gallery

Fans, Friends, Darts Gallery

Trina has a new additional fans gallery. Lot’s of new pictures of Trina with fans, friends and the England Ladies Team members.


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Archive Media News 2019/18

Dec 13

Trina Joins Sky Broadcast Team for the PDC World Darts Championships

Trina Gulliver Joins the Sky Braodcast Team for the PDC WOrld Darts Championships

Trina Joins Sky Sports Commentary Team

Trina Gulliver MBE will be joining the Sky Commentary Team to cover the PDC World Darts Championships 13th December – 1st January 2019. With two ladies qualifying for the PDC World Championship for the first time it is sure to be interesting to see how they perform in an event that has been dominated by men. Both qualifiers, Anastasia Drobromyslova and Lisa Ashton, are more than capable of achieving high scores and averages that can match their male counterparts. The long set format may be an advantage or disadvantage to the ladies, however, they will be playing on an even playing field.

Anastasia Drobromyslova will player her first round match against Ryan Joyce while Lisa Ashton will play Jan Dekker


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Nov 19

Master Chef!

Trina try’s her hand at Pizza Making!

I am having a go at making a Pizza in a Pizza Resturant in Prague. However, I don’t think the management will give me the job! LOL

It is a lot harder than they make it look but at least I made something edible! It was, however, good fun and thanks to the restaurant team for allowing me to have a go and the bit of help they gave me so I didn’t go hungry.

I may not be the next celebrity Master Chef but I had a go and I will try again when I get back home.

View this video on YouTube | Please wait to load before playing


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Nov 18

Czech Open 2018

Trina Gulliver and Jo Clements Czrch Darts Open Semi-Finalists

Czech Open semi-finalist - 2018

Trina pictured with Jo Clements at the Czech Open. Both Trina and Jo were knocked out at the semi-final stage of the event. Next stop the Finders Italian Master. This means Trina will miss the UK PDC Ladies World Championship Qualification event.


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Sept 23

BDO British Classic & Open 2018

BDO Darts

Day one, the BDO British Classic.

Trina show some good form at the weekend and although didn’t come home with a trophy he managed to get to the semi-final stage of the BDO British Classic losing to Lisa Ashton 4-2. Laura Turner beat Lisa 5-1 in the final.

Day two, the BDO British Open.

Trina was looking to a couple of places further than she did in the British Classic unfortunately she was knocked out in a tightly contested quarter-final by Ancia Zijlstra 4-3. The eventual winner was Lisa Ashton

Full details and links to the tournament event stream can be found on the BDO website.


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Sept 9

England Darts Organisation Classic 2018

EDOTrina was knocked out of the England Darts Organisation (EDO) Classic Ladies Singles at Selsey by the eventual winner of the tournament, Anastasia Dobromyslova.

Trina and Meria O’Brien won the EDO Classic Ladies Pairs title beating Marjoleins Noijens/Anca Zijlstra ladies 3-0 in the final.

Full details and links to the tournament event stream can be found on the EDO website.


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Aug 25/26

Swedish Open 2018

SwedenTrina had an unsuccessful day compared to her normal standards in Sweden Open singles Trina was knocked out by Vicky Pruim 4-3 at the last 16 stage.

In the Swedish Open Pairs Trina and Paula Jacklin, winners of the Antwerp Ladies Pairs Championship were knocked out at the quart-final 3-0 stage by Maud Jansson and Vicky Pruim



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Aug 25/26

LDO Swedish Classic 2018

LDO SwedenTrina was beaten in the semi-final of the Ladies Darts Organisation Swedish Classic on Friday evening but the eventual winner and current Ladies World Darts Champion Lisa Ashton. Trina had match darts to win but failed to convert the double and lost a tightly fort contest 5-4.

Lisa Ashton went on to beat Kaisu Rekinen 5-4 in the final

Watch both Ladies Swedish Classic semi-finals and final via YouTube


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Aug 15

YAP Pro Celebrity Fishing in aid of Cancer Reaserch August 2018

YAP Pro Celebrity Fishing in aid of Cancer Reaserch August 2018

Trina is taking part in a Pro Celeb Fishing competition in aid of Prostate and Breast Cancer.

The event takes place on Wednesday 15th August 2018 at, one of the top fisheries in the UK, Lindholme Lakes Country Park, Doncaster.
This venue is full of fish and all participants will catch some quality fish and have a great time.

Read more about who is taking part click here


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Aug 12

Trina Gulliver and Paula Jacklin, are the 2018 Antwerp pairs champions.

Antwerp Ladies pairs champions 2018 - Trina Gulliver & Paula Jacklin

Trina Gulliver and Paula Jacklin, are the 2018 Antwerp pairs champions.

Trina Gulliver and Paula Jacklin won the Antwerp Open ladies pairs championship at the weekend. The two ladies have become a force in the ladies’ pairs with each playing to each other’s strengths.

The ladies also competed in the women’s singles on Sunday. Trina also got to the semi-final, however, lost Tricia Wright 5-2. Paula made the quarterfinals of the singles losing to the eventual winner of the tournament 4-0 Casey Gallagher.


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Jun 3

BDO Lincolnshire Open 2018

Trina won the Lincolnshire Open this weekend beating Paula Jacklin 4-3 in the final.

After a disappointing 4-3 first round defeat in the BDO World Trophy to Anca Zijlstra,

Trina was narrowly defeated in round won of the BDO World Trophy missing  doubles to win the match which meant an early return home and entry into the Lincolnshire Open. Determined to put the recent defeat behind her, Trina romped home to victory eventually beating the Lincolnshire County Captain Paula Jacklin 4-3 in the final.

It is the second time Trina has won the title, the last time being in 2015.


Lincolnshire Darts Organisation


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Apr 8

BDO British Internationals 2018 - Results

The Scottish Boys took the first title of the 2018 British Internationals, England Boys were runners-up and the Welsh Boys were third.

England girls on retained their title. All three matches were 1-1 draws but the England girls had the best leg difference, Scotland and Wales were joint second.

England Ladies won the 2018 British Internationals, Wales second, Scotland third.

England Men won the 2018 British Internationals, Scotland second, Wales third.

You can replay the event via the YouTube Stream links below.

Friday 6th APRIL 2018 Saturday 7th APRIL 2018 Sunday 8thAPRIL 2018
Replay - DAY ONE Replay - DAY TWO Replay - DAY THREE
18.30 Eng 1 - 3 Scot (Boys) 11.00 Scot 1 - 1 Eng (Girls) 10.00 10.00 Eng 8 - 4 Scot (Men)
19.30 Wal 1 - 1 Scot (Girls) 11.45 Scot 2 - 2 Wal (Boys) 13.30 13.30 Wal 4 - 2 Scot (Women)
20.15 Wal 1 - 3 Eng (Boys) 12.45 Eng 1 - 1 Wal (Girls) 15.00 15.00 Wal 4 - 8 Eng (Men)
21.15 Eng 4 - 2 Wal (Women) 13.45 Scot 2 - 4 Eng (Women)
15.15 Scot 9 - 3 Wal (Men)

More information can be obtained via the Wales Darts Organisation


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Feb 11

Trina and Eric Play Pointless Celebrities 31st March 2018

trina Gulliver / Eric Bristow Pointless TV Game Show

Watch Trina and Eric on Pointless Celebrities 31st March 2018

Trina Gulliver MBE and Eric Bristow MBE recorded a celebrity special of the TV Games Show Pointless in aid of Charity. See if the pair make it to the final and win the Jackpot prize or did they score more than they hopped too!

Scoring nothing isn’t in either Trina’s or Eric’s DNA, so let’s hope they both understood the rules!

Pointless will be broadcast on Saturday 31st March at a time TBC. Trina and Eric are joined by other Sporting World Champions.


Read More ...

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Jun 27

PDC Fishing Championships

PDC Fishing Championships 2017

PDC Fishing Championships in aid of Parkinsons UK

Trina will be taking part in the PDC annual Charity Fishing Championship which will be held on 27th June 2007 at the Manor Farm, Fishing Complex, Bedfordshire, SG18 9BB.

Trina is an avid fisher and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if she added another title to the many she already holds!

All proceeds go the PDC charity of choice, this year it is Parkinson’s UK. Tickets to this event are available from the PDC Fishing Championships Website.

The event will be filmed so dart and fishing fan’s can now watch this event on ITV4 (ITVSport) 7th July 2017

Trina Gulliver MBE


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May 5

In Aid Of Prostate Cancer...

Prostate Cancer

Darts Exhibition - Trina Gulliver MBE & Andy Fordham

Exhibition with Andy Fordham & Trina Gulliver with John Fowler as our MC on the Friday Night & The Lampeter Town Open on the Saturday afternoon. Friday 5th May, 7:00pm

Lampeter Town Darts Weekend, Lampeter Rugby Club, Ceredigion, SA48 7JA
Tel: 01570 422785

In support of Prostate Cancer UK

Friday 5th and Sunday 7th May 2017, proceeds to Prostate Cancer UK
Lots of raffles, auctions and - of course, tidy darts! Until Sunday 7th May, 10:30pm
Rugby Club between Friday 5th and Sunday 7th May 2017
Prize pool for the Saturday Tournament to be circa to £700. 

The Darts Weekend will also be supporting Prostate Cancer UK with lots of raffles & Auction items and other fundraising events.

Saturday Night will also have some fun & games in town will a Chilly Eating contest & a Beer Pong Tournament (subject to sobriety)

Also, Pies will be available to Purchase from our Famous Scottish friend John W Taylor as well as Mrs. Bishop’s Chocolate Scotch Eggs all weekend.

Don't miss out on what will be a fun weekend where you're guaranteed to make new friends.

Trina Gulliver MBE


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May 2

Latest News and Views

Wigley Group

The Wigley Group - Sponsor Trina

I'm pleased to announce that The Wigley Group have decided to support me with a years sponsorship deal.The warwickshire based company have joined my team of sponsors. Rob Wigley managing director is a long time friend from when I use to live in my hometown Southam in Warwickshire. I'm looking forward to a great relationship with the wigley group and I thank them sincerely for all their support.

Trina Gulliver MBE


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Mar 21

Latest News and Views



Series 18: Episode 74 (first broadcast 31st March 2017)

Sports is one of Judith Kepple weaker subjects that is unless it is about darts!

When asked in a tiebreaker question: ‘Trina Gulliver is a multi-world champion in which sport’ Judith immediately answered: Darts!

Maybe some of the question are a little too easy!

This episode is available to watch via the BBC iPlayer for 30 days from the date of broadcast


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Jan 17

Lakeside World Championships 2017

It wasn’t to be World title no. 11 this year for Trina. However, Trina still breaks more records by being the only Ladies player to feature at all 17 Lakeside World Championship Finals.

Trina has managed to qualify all 17 world finals, winning 10 to date and has been runner up on 2 further separate occasions.

This year Trina, lacking a little form but also showing some spells of brilliance was knocked out by Aileen de Graff from the Netherland in the Quarter Finals who in turn lost to the eventual winner, England's Lisa Ashton.

Trina will again try for her 11th World Title in 2018

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